Andrew plays Iago in Being Othello, a film adaption of Shakespeare's Othello, written and directed by the BAFTA nominated director Suri Krishnamma (Bad Karma, Wuthering Heights, Beyond the Circle). 'Being Othello' premiered at BAFTA in 2009.

Andrew plays Robinson, the intense protagonist, in Secrets Of The Content, directed by Tom Pickard. The film is based on the 1935 short story 'A Day Saved' by Graham Greene. It was screened at the The 64th Festival de Cannes in 2011.

Andrew plays Phil in written and directed by the BAFTA award winning Noel Clarke (Doctor Who, Storage 24, J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness) . The film stars Emma Roberts (Scream 4, What's Wrong with Virginia), Tamsin Egerton (St. Trinian's, Camelot), Ophelia Lovibond (Mr. Popper's Penguins, London Boulevard) and Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma). It premiered at the Empire, Leicester Square and was released by Universal Pictures.

Andrew plays Mornet in The Last Duel, a film that explores the last fatal duel in England. Set in 1852, six Frenchmen meet to resolve an argument by way of an illegal pistol duel. The film premiered at the British Independent Film Festival in 2011 where it won the best short film award.

Andrew plays the title role in The Apothecary, a period drama set in 19th Century London and filmed in Dunster castle, Dorset. It premiered at the Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square and competed at the 2011 First Light Movie Awards where it won best drama. The Apothecary is directed by award winning director Paige Copsey (Philomena, Sherlock, Florence Foster Jenkins).

Andrew plays the role of Grigory, a Serbian assassin, in Mercenaries, an all out action film set in a crumbling eastern block country. The film is directed by Paris Leonti (Daylight Robbery) and also stars Billy Zane (Titanic, Back to the Future), Rob James-Collier (Downton Abbey), Geoff Bell (War Horse, RocknRolla) and Vas Blackwood (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels).

In the comedy TV movie, Losing the Plot. Andrew is in the lead role playing James, a lawyer with anger problems who takes on an alotment to help him relax. Written by Tony Hemphill it also stars Ian Cullen (Z-Cars, Dr Who) and Rich Keeble (Birds of a Feather, Lee Nelson's Well Good Show).

Andrew plays Chino in the thriller War Games / At The End Of The Day. Shot in Rome, Italy and directed by award winning Italian director Cosimo Alemà, it is said to be one of the revelations among European thrillers. It was released in Italian cinemas by Bolero and by Universal in the UK. The film premiered at the Raindance film festival where it competed for Best International Feature. The film also stars Sam Cohan (Oliviero Rising, Slip & Fall), Valene Kane (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, The Fall) and Daniel Vivian (The Young Pope, X-Men).

Andrew plays Captain Bob Horn in Shady Lady, the epic story of a B-24 'Liberator' bomber aircraft that crash landed whilst attepting the world's longest ever bombing mission during the Second World War. The film, narrated by Michael Dorn (Star Trek: The Next Generation), is supported by Barack Obama and previewed at the 65th Cannes film festival. 

In Loon directed by Katie Borland, Andrew plays Leonard, a Texan soldier who after fighting in the Korean War and spending time in a mental institution returns home. Graceful, subtle, sly humour and social awkwardness lead to a devastating climax. Loon was performed at the Theatre Royal Stratford East. 

Gridiron UK  (The Gridiron in the US) follows Derek (Michael Dixon) and Sean (Andrew Harwood Mills) as they attempt to set up an American Football team in England during the 1980s. The feature is directed by Gary Delaney and produced by Gareth Jones and David Soul (Starsky and Hutch). The film also stars NFL legend Dorsey Levens (We Are Marshall), Stephen Marcus (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), Helen Lederer (Absolutely Fabulous), Mem Ferda (The Devil's Double), Paul Nicholas (Tommy), Russell Floyd and Anthony Quinlan. 



Willowshade is a fantasy film that tells the story of Claudius, an aging alchemist played by Michael Burrell (The Thirty-Nine Steps, Les Miserable, Pink Floyd The Wall) who is put in great danger by his old friend Arcadius, played by Ian Cullen (Doctor Who, Run for Your Wife, Dawn of the Dragonslayer). In Willowshade Andrew plays the antagonist, a deadly soldier and emissary to the Raven King, who is on a life and death mission to hunt down Arcadius. Willowshade is directed by award winning director Paige Copsey (The Apothecary, Skyfall, Hummingbird, About Time, A Long Way Down) and premiered at the BFI London.

Andrew plays Charles Le Grange in Amanda Lomas' new play In Quest of Light - The Battle for Tartuffe. The story centers around Molière, the 17th century French playwright and actor, exploring the 5 turbulent years surrounding his conflict with the Church over 'Tartuffe' and the creation of his masterpiece 'Le Misanthrope'. Directed by Trevor Danby and perfromed by The Leatherhead Theatre Repertory Company.

Andrew has been cast in the epic fantasy adventure film Victrix. The remnant of the once mighty Twentieth-Legion Valeria Victrix, face their last and greatest challenge as forces both natural and supernatural close in for the epic final drama of Rome's Empire in Britain. Directed by Vic Armstrong (Superman, Indiana Jones, Thor, Rambo, Mission Impossible). Art direction by Simon Lamont (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Casino Royale, The Dark Knight, Hell Boy).

In Sandpit Andrew plays a desperate father struggling to remain one step ahead of a police manhunt. Sandpit premiered in the UK at the Pennine Film Festival and in the USA at the Speechless Film Festival.




Quest-for-Light-picture 269221_10151810224750635_737371933_n(1) Andrew Harwood Mills (13) Andrew Harwood Mills (1) Andrew Harwood Mills and Ian Cullen Losing The Plot Andrew Harwood Mills (7) Andrew Harwood Mills (27) Andrew Harwood Mills Chino in van ShadyLadyPosterQuadnew Andrew Harwood Mills Andrew Harwood Mills sandpit rifle_1

The revenge thriller Retribution premiered in London on the 5th March 2016. The film focuses on a hardened debt collector (Dan Richardson) who goes on a violent rampage through London in an attempt to find Freddy (Andrew Harwood Mills), the man responsible for the brutal attack of his teenage daughter. The film also stars Hugh Quarshie (Star Wars, Highlander, Doctor Who), Guy Henry (Harry Potter, V for Vendetta, Extras), Amanda Mealing (Four Weddings and a Funeral), Bob Barrett (Shakespeare in Love) and James Smith (Hadouken!). Directed by Danny Albury (Pirates of the Caribbean, Green Zone) and David Bispham (Clash of the Titans, 47 Ronin, Luther).



grigory mercenaries

Andrew has wrapped on the western thriller Brimstone directed by Martin Koolhoven. The film stars Dakota Fanning (I Am Sam, Man On Fire, War of the Worlds), Kit Harington (Game of Thrones, Pompeii, How to Train Your Dragon 2), Guy Pearce (Momento, L.A. Confidential, The Hurt Locker) Carice van Houten (Game of Thrones, Valkyrie, Black Book) and Paul Anderson (The Revenant, Legend, Peaky Blinders). A triumphant epic of survival and a tale of powerful womanhood and resistance against the unforgiving cruelty of a hell on earth. Brimstone premiered at the 73rd Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy.

Set in the 1970s, House of Evil tells the story of a young couple, John (Andrew Harwood Mills) and Kate (Lucy Drive), who move into an old mansion in the Connecticut countryside to start a family. They soon discover that their new life is destined to be fraught with disaster as they fight against a dark, terrifying force in order to survive. Directed by Marco Ristori and Luca Boni.

In Reich of the Dead, Andrew takes the lead role of Will, an American soldier who with his team, have one night to liberate a Nazi prisoner of war camp during World War Two. Also starring Dan van Husen (Hart's War, Enemy at the Gates, Band of Brothers, Nosferatu the Vampyre), Ally McClelland (Robin Hood, The Other Boleyn Girl, King Arthur) and Lucy Drive (The Borgias, Hustle). Directed by Marco Ristori & Luca Boni. Production design by Tiziano Martella (Ben Hur). Cinematography by Francesca Catalano (Assassin's Creed, Wonder Woman).

Andrew Harwood Mills in Brimstone Andrew Harwood Mills in Victrix Gridiron UK Andrew Harwood Mills (3) 10407994_10152116001677827_254807736747204002_n Reich of the Dead Andrew Harwood Mills Cigarette Willowshade Andrew Harwood Mills

Andrew has reunited with Italian director Cosimo Alemà to collaborate on two music videos for the rock band Lacuna Coil. He stars in the videos for 'Blood, Tears, Dust' and 'You Love Me 'Cause I Hate You', both from Lacuna Coil's new album 'Delirium'. The challenging and extremely cinematic music videos were shot underneath the Matterhorn mountain in the Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy.



Cosimo_Alemà_(@cosimoalema)_•_Instagram_photos_and_videos_-_2016-10-14_13.35.58 ANDREW HARWOOD MILLS - EXECRATION (4)